There are kitchens, and then there are Frank! kitchens.

There are kitchens, and then there are Frank! kitchens. If you are looking to have a new kitchen, look no further. I have been searching for a long time to find someone to build my kitchen and have been talking to many professionals, one more confused then the other.

Finally I found Frank and gave him a call. We hit it off immediately, he seemed to understand exactly what I wanted. He came to Amsterdam, measured everything and discussed the design in detail, implementing every single wish I voiced.

And in no time, his guys took out the old kitchen, got rid of everything and brought the new kitchen, built it in a matter of a few days, sorted out the details and just finished it off completely. A no-hassle one stop shop, always right on time for each appointment, patient with my wishes and changes of mind. Everything was taken care of, all my worries blown away.

Frank was considerate of my family situation, making sure that this project interrupts our lives as little as possible. He is a great person and a man who understands the needs of his clients and comforts them along the way.

And here I am, with a new friend and the kitchen of my dreams!

- Markus Baumgärtner, Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam -

27 Mei 2019