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Today’s kitchen is tomorrow’s experience

The most important room in a house is the kitchen. The heart of your home is your kitchen.

In your kitchen you prepare food with love for family and friends who have gathered in the centre of your home to enjoy good food and share in lively conversation. It is where relationships are forged.

We will do a site-visit to your home where we will listen to your wishes and with your vision in mind we will design your dream kitchen that compliments the interior style of your home.

Alternatively, we create a new interior for your house complete with a fancy tailor-made kitchen.

It does not matter how your kitchen looks in our showroom but how it will look in your home. In our opinion, it is essential that we design your kitchen according to your wishes, requirements and available space. This is why we always plan our first consultation conveniently at your house. Of course, you can feel free to visit our showroom in Eemnes, if you desire.


Customer’s recommendations

  • There are kitchens, and then there are Frank! kitchens.

    There are kitchens, and then there are Frank! kitchens. If you are looking to have a new kitchen, look no further. I have been searching for a long time to find someone to build my kitchen and have been talking to many professionals, one more confused then the other.

    Finally I found Frank and gave him a call. We hit it off immediately, he seemed to understand exactly what I wanted. He came to Amsterdam, measured everything and discussed the design in detail, implementing every single wish I voiced.

    And in no time, his guys took out the old kitchen, got rid of everything and brought the new kitchen, built it in a matter of a few days, sorted out the details and just finished it off completely. A no-hassle one stop shop, always right on time for each appointment, patient with my wishes and changes of mind. Everything was taken care of, all my worries blown away.

    Frank was considerate of my family situation, making sure that this project interrupts our lives as little as possible. He is a great person and a man who understands the needs of his clients and comforts them along the way.

    And here I am, with a new friend and the kitchen of my dreams!

    - Markus Baumgärtner, Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam -

    27 Mei 2019
  • A 100 percent satisfaction-guaranteed kitchen

    Frank promises and delivers a kitchen with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee; by creating a beautiful design, great installation and complementary finishes he delivered timeously.

    Customer service is Frank’s middle name and that is also true for the people he works with. This makes the whole process of selecting a kitchen at the cabinet-maker and the installation of the new kitchen a fun and stress-free project.

    As you can tell, we are very pleased with our new kitchen and every day we enjoy spending time there. We are also happy that we decided to hire Frank for this job.

    Doeko Doets, Hilversum

    April 26th , 2017
  • Out of the box

    We are super happy with our kitchen in our new home. Frank is really someone who thinks ‘outside the box.’ Besides the design of our kitchen, he also delivered two well thought-out plans for the layout of our house which we carried out. Every day we are genuinely happy that we followed his advice. Frank feels very strongly about customer service and satisfaction. Our joint visit to the cabinetmaker was a wonderful, personal touch he added to his service. Last but not least, we think that Johan who came to install our kitchen is a masterful craftsman, a true gem.

    - Leontien van Soest, Hilversum

    August 14 th , 2016
  • A high-quality kitchen

    We were impressed by the unique design Frank came up with after our thorough consultation. He had designed a kitchen island with a double sink and a bar area with stools. This was of a completely different level than the ‘standard’ kitchen suppliers.
    After an open and honest negotiation we sealed the deal. There are times when a client’s expectations are not met but that is not so in this case. Customer satisfaction is top priority and any unforeseen problems are solved by Frank’s team. We are very pleased to own a kitchen created by Frank’s Custom-made Kitchens.

    - Nel & Herman Doorn, Vleuten

    May 27 th , 2016
  • Clear and precise from the beginning

    It is always nice to design a kitchen with an expert who is contributing his knowledge. Frank is clear and precise from the beginning. While visiting a cabinet-maker, I had a great time browsing and selecting material. I also enjoyed our trip to the supplier of countertops.

    The result was a beautifully designed kitchen installed by Johan, a skilled kitchen-installer, who is a joy to have about the house!

    - Yvonne Fennis, Hilversum

    March 25 th , 2016
  • Modern, practical, spacious and personal

    We were really dreading dealing with standard kitchen-suppliers and while surfing on the internet, we were impressed with Frank’s Custom-made Kitchens.
    Our first meeting was in our old home where exciting ideas were suggested and finalised in follow-up appointments.
    Our new kitchen now adorns floating high cabinets, extra deep and lengthy countertops, the preservation of an existing serving-hatch and a glass sliding door.
    Modern, practical, spacious and personal that is how we describe the signature of Frank’s Custom-made Kitchens. Daily, we enjoy the use of our new, homely kitchen.

    - Rene & Ilse Maas – Hilversum

    February 12 th , 2016
  • A kitchen made by Frank’s Custom-made Kitchens

    We knew what we wanted: a new kitchen in our new home! But who could help us with that? In 2003, having experienced positive and satisfying results we easily and quickly made the decision to seek Frank van Borselen’s expertise again. Why did we choose to use his services again?

    During a renovation there are many decisions to be made and it is reassuring to have a trusted professional guide you through the process. Frank considers features like the lighting plan and advices you on colours. He sees possibilities you haven’t come up with yourself and he listens to your wishes and surprises you! Frank’s design ideas are limitless.

    Without an installer there wouldn’t be a kitchen. Frank has been working with a permanent team of installers for years. The quality of the craftsmanship is evident in all the fine details. Going above and beyond, he also arranged narrow shelves for our bathroom! That is so typical of him.

    Highly recommended ;-)

    - Erna Mollema, Hilversum

    September 14 th , 2015
  • We highly recommend Frank’s Custom-made Kitchens

    Finally, our renovation had begun. We thoroughly discussed everything with the architect from the exterior walls to the interior walls. We began our search for a new kitchen at the time the foundation posts went in for the expansion of our home.
    When it comes to kitchens, the possibilities and suppliers are endless and complex. We didn’t feel a personal connection with any of the companies we met. Then we found Frank, who used to be an acquaintance of ours when he still had his own kitchen business in Hilversum. He didn’t have his showroom anymore, so we met in our home in the midst of our renovation.
    What a relief! Frank’s design was just our style. From the beginning, he respected our wishes and offered creative suggestions.
    After the design of our kitchen we trusted Frank to design the fireplace and a customized built-in entertainment centre. Together, with much brainstorming and creative excellency we have worked hard with Frank and his detail-orientated team on creating our kitchen. At every stage we were able to discuss what was possible and what was not.
    We highly recommend Frank’s Custom-made Kitchens!

    - Charlotte en Theo van Gent

    April 7 th , 2015

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